Welcome to the review of 60 days to 1k from Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton & Tim Godfrey. These super affiliates are highly successful and certainly a few of the best marketers that you should be listening to.  If these guys produce a training or software then it will be something that can help make you a lot of money. On this page I am going to give a full review of the “60 Days To 1K” training and decide whether it is recommended to the readers so read on and decide for yourself.

What Is 60 Days To 1K?

Basically, this is a break through training system that has never been taught before combining the following long lasting income streams:-

  • Publishing
  • Authority Sites
  • Email Funnels
  • Facebook

What’s Inside 60 Days To 1K?

There are four main modules inside of the training in which we are going to break them down and explain what each one contains.

Module 1 – The Publishing Phase

The first step in this training is to get a foothold in a niche and become what is known as “an authority”. In the publishing phase the easiest way to do this is by means of using the Kindle platform. This first training step not only contains a set of 23 in depth training videos , but also contains a 130 page manual for people that like to be able to read instructions instead of video. The team show how to publish content to the Kindle network and then how to move into audible and physical books. An important step in this module is when they show their secrets on how to move into untapped markets and languages, meaning their is very little competition and lots of profit to be made.

Included Software: “Publishing Wizard”.

Module 2 – The Authority Site Phase

Once you have published a book to the Kindle network the next step is to build an email list and make your existing customer base want to keep buying from you. This training module starts by teaching you to build a high quality authority site.

As you build you authority site it will advertise your products, receive customer feedback and deliver bonuses. As you complete these initial three objectives the authority site will help drive traffic,generate more sales and in turn add more customers to the sales funnel.

An added bonus to this training is the fact that you can also use it to make affiliate commissions using a variety of advanced techniques! :-)

Included Software: Prelaunch-Page Plugin, FunnelPRO Plugin

Module 3 – The Funnel Phase

This is the phase where Module 1 and 2 will work on autopilot by setting up a funnel!  The initial target is to get 10 new subscribers a day into the funnel, although this doesn’t sound many, it is the starting point to seeing significant financial income.  Once there are 10 new subscribers a day then its easy to increase this to 50 or even a 100!

This module not only allows you to sell more publications, but you will also be able to sell other peoples products on demand!

This phase is an important income booster and makes it possible to be able to boost income by a massive 30 – 40%!

If you are looking at building a long term business then this is a very important module allowing you to do just that!

Module 4 – The Facebook Phase

This is the final phase of the 60 Days to 1k training and involves using Facebook to drive traffic as well as increasing your conversion rate.

You will be taught how to build relationships with existing customers as well new potential customers. The reason for building a relationship is that you will have no problem selling products and you will also be able to sell your customers and new products that you create.

The Training Format

Anybody that buys through this site will have lifetime access to the members area where all of the training will be available. This can be found in several formats:-

  • Training Manuals
  • Training Videos
  • Live Demonstration Workshops

Initially, everyone will have access to phase 1 and the rest of the content, including workshops, will be drip fed over an 8 week period.  I have found this to be a great way of learning so you have time to digest the information and put it all into action.