Kindle e-books are ideal way of getting your book idea out to the public. Many readers are choosing e-books over physical books today. You will need to know certain things to make sure your e-book has the right appearance and formatting once you publish it. Read the following five tips to help get you started with publishing your e-book.

1. Read all the advice Amazon offers on This help you know what does and does not work for a Kindle e-book. Amazon guides you through building your e-book, what content to place in it, and specific formatting requirements. There are certain things such as page numbers that do not go in an e-book and other things that just need the right format to look right.

2. Give some consideration to the niche your e-book falls into on Amazon. How much competition do you have? Are your ideas unique enough to stand out against the competition? Is there anything you can add to your information that makes it unique in nature? Make an outline to follow all of the elements going into your creation. This is the only to organize your thoughts correctly prior to writing the actual e-book.

Write down all major points you want to make in each chapter. Jot down character development, if it applies, for each character in your book. You should only start writing your book once you have gone through this step. Otherwise, your writing could come out disjointed and unorganized.

3. Write your e-book in whatever word editor your prefer (many authors like MS Word) without worrying about any specific formatting. This frees your mind up just to create great content. The content needs to grab the interest of readers from the first page. Then it needs to hold their attention throughout the e-book or the readers will quit reading it part way through it.

In addition, make sure the when you write your book that it is different from others on Amazon. It should not just rehash all the information from other e-books you have read along the way. This will keep your creation from being interesting enough to readers for them to recommend it to their friends. Edit several times to make sure your e-book is free from error and is grammatically correct.

4. Once you are sure your e-book does not need any more editing, proceed with the formatting. First, remember that certain things will not work in a kindle e-book. These things include such things as:

  • Bullet points
  • Footers
  • Headers
  • Special fonts

You can follow all the guidelines at KDP to format your manuscript to fit Kindle e-book guidelines. However, there are other ways to accomplish this if you so choose. Some authors use special software to format their e-books such as Calibre instead of doing it manually.

In addition, if your budget allows, you can pay others to do the task when you feel formatting is too overwhelming for you to do. Just remember this will cut into your initial profits on the sale of your e-book. Whichever way you choose to format your e-book, make sure it is according to the guidelines set forth at to ensure your e-book appears correctly in all Kindle devices and apps. Upload your book to the Kindle Direct Publishing site when you are sure that the content is correct in its content and format.

5. Create a cover for your e-book just as you would with a physical book. Remember, you have to display the e-book to sell it. The first impression anyone forms of your creation is from the cover. Amazon provides you with KDP Cover Creator to help you design the ideal cover. There are also other programs available, but for this information let’s stick with what Amazon offers.

You already have your title, as this was part of writing your book. The next thing for you to do is to choose the image for the cover. This image can be one that you create or you can use one of the stock images in the cover program. After you decide on whether or not to use one of your own images, open the program and click on existing book title or if you have not yet placed your e-book into KDP, click “Add New Title”.

Next, you need to click on Design with Cover Creator and follow the instructions on how to create your cover. At one point, you the program will instruct you as to how to upload your image or one from its gallery containing stock images. From there, just follow the instruction to make your cover. You will be able to customize the layout, preview your cover before submitting it, along with submitting it.

Take your time with this process. You can even edit and replace the cover if you do not like the results of the process. When you like the results, you will be able to go to the Rights and Pricing section to complete that area before you finally save and publish your e-book. (You should read this information at KDP before starting to create your cover. This way you will have time to decide on the choices you will need to make.)

Remember, you want as many people as possible to purchase your e-book. You will need to keep this in mind through each step of creating and publishing your e-book. Then you will need to begin the process of promoting your e-book to as many people as possible. There are email-marketing, social-media, and article-marketing strategies you can use to accomplish this task. You can also offer a free chapter as a tease to those who opt-in on your own website. Make sure to include your Amazon link so they can easily purchase the e-book. Digital media is here to stay and it is time for you to make your mark on it!